Frosted Residential Window Film in Orlando, Florida

Frosted window film is a translucent film that can be installed over glass surfaces like windows, walls or partitions to increase privacy adding a decorative touch to your residential building.

When trying to find the most suitable window treatment for your home in Orlando, FL we recommend you to opt for this type of solution because it will allows you to add decorative designs while maintaining the entrance of natural light without touching the architecture of your house. 

Customers come to see us for many different reasons. Sometimes they are not sure about what decision to make and we help them by sharing some of the huge benefits of home window tinting. Some of them are:

  • It is an affordable measure to increase the security of your home.

  • It allows you to enjoy the spectacular views of the surrounding area since you can avoid the use of blinds.

  • The HVAC cooling and heating costs can be significantly reduced because you can isolate the building from the exterior extreme temperatures, both in winter and summer.

  • Other costs like lighting can be reduced because it allows the entrance of natural light without the annoying glare.

  • Frosted and opaque privacy window films are ideal for bathrooms, showers, or other private areas.

Depending on the type of window film, they can be used to control harmful UV rays helping to reduce glare and heat and making the inner space more comfortable.  Ultraviolet rays are a form of solar radiation that is not visible to the human eye but is responsible for diseases, the appearance of facial aging signs, and DNA damage.

 UV rays can be divided into three types: UVA, UVB, and UVC. While the UVB and UVC are blocked by the glass and the atmosphere respectively, window film is one of the most effective and affordable ways to block the UVA rays. Window films act by creating a barrier between people and the sun letting in the natural light and reflecting the harmful rays and heat away from your house.  

Sometimes, people think frosted glass and frosted film are the same things. Although they may look the same, both products have important differences. Frosted glass is a piece of glass that has either an internal texture or a frosted inner layer. It is a permanent addition to the glass and can’t be reversed. It is typically used for privacy or decorative purposes. 

On the other hand, the frosted film is a translucent adhesive film installed over the glass window that can be easily removed when needed. It can be customized giving great creative possibilities with options like the installation of bands or stripes of film or many other shapes to create bigger designs.

The frosted window film helps create the look of frosted glass but with significantly lower cost and greater flexibility. At Tint Xperts we work with the leading film brands, which provide the best quality and durability, with a wide variety of decorative options also adapted to the percentage of light that needs to be filtered.

Frosted privacy window for your home

Based on the design, frosted window films have different levels of opacity, or transparency providing various levels of privacy in the rooms of your house. We strongly recommend this solution for being cost effective and only takes one day to install it.

People request this type of film for bathrooms quite often to maintain the privacy inside allowing access of natural light but still obscuring any views into the room from the outside. For example, some houses can have a master bathroom shower window facing directly into their neighbors house window. When the owner does not want to install curtains or blinds in the shower and they don’t want to make the master bathroom dark either, a frosted window film can be the perfect solution.

Frosted window films at residential buildings are a good option to enjoy brighter, more open spaces without having to worry about privacy. Frosted film can be added to lower windows, getting privacy from the outside without obscuring the view from the upper windows. Kitchens and living rooms are some of the most popular rooms to protect with frosted films.

Decorative window film

If you are looking to create a beautiful decorative effect while reducing the visibility through the glass, decorative window films can be the perfect solution for you. You can transform glass windows, doors, and walls adding privacy with a wide range of options. 

Decorative window films add varying levels of privacy and there are many different sizes in the market that you can choose to adapt to your facilities. In other words, you can choose a completely opaque film to protect the bathroom window and other partial privacy options for the rest of the building where you are not interested in reducing the visibility that much.

Window film is a great way to privacy with style to glass surfaces. At Tint Xperts, we manage many different options and types of window film. Colored, textured, frost, repeating patterns, stained glass, we can even help you create the effect of etched glass. No matter what style you like more, we can help you find the best decorative solution for your home.

Frosted residential window tints in Orlando, Florida

We are professional installers of frosted residential window tints for residential buildings in Orlando. We have helped improve the decoration of meeting rooms, set separation of different living spaces, and created privacy for bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

As professional appliers of window tints, we guarantee a perfect installation and the protection of your facilities with no scratching, etching or damaging of your window glass. We can assess the best kind of tint for you as we manage a wide set of options that will fit your space.

At Tint Xperts, we only work with the best quality tint brands available in the market and we are trained and certified to do the installations. Clients can choose among a large range of patterns and graphics including the use of corporate logos or designs to obtain both privacy and a better look.

We work with both static cling window film and adhesive films. Static cling window film is a vinyl material that we apply directly to the glass using a special technique. Since it is easy to remove, it appears as the ideal solution for rented properties or when you need a temporary security measure. 

This kind of film is less expensive and cleaner. Since it is very simple to remove, it becomes repositionable and easy to install, besides being cleaner. However, static cling is less permanent because it loses “stickiness” over time and it doesn’t resist the weather.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, the adhesive film has a longer life and is weather resistant. It can also be stuck to more types of surfaces and it’s easier to print on and die cut. The cons of this type of film are that it’s more expensive, difficult to remove and it is not repositionable nor reusable.

If you are looking for a tint solution for your home, especially at high traffic spaces where longevity is important, the adhesive film can be the best option. For residential settings where weather or environmental factors are not an issue, the static cling can be considered. At Tint Xperts we can advise you on what is the most suitable solution for you. 

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